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The Diary of the Centurion

They call me the Centurion, but I don’t think I’m Roman. Most likely, I think, I’m from Northern Africa. That was a very long time ago. I remember a woman. She may have been my mother, or my sister, or an aunt, or even just someone from my village. It must have been a village,…More


Magic, while bearing incredible potential, lacks applicability and safety. The required study to adjust the very laws of nature without unforeseen effects demands such an effort as to render it impractical for daily use. To attempt to fix a portion of an object in place leads to immediate effects as the movement of the world…More

The Wildlands

The Wildlands Magic hovers somewhere between a biological source and an expression of will. The core of magic revolves around transmutation of laws. A single law of nature is rewritten in an area, leading to a variety of results. An adept mage, capable of following through on the ramifications of subtle changes, can create a…More

Three Siblings

There were, at first, three siblings. The first was the God of Iron, who valued strength and ambition above all else. The Second was the Goddess of the Hearth, who believed that love was the greatest of all forces. Last was the God of Wood, who prized even ignorance and lies as founders of chaos.…More

The Crossroads

Mainyu was a trickster. When his nephew, The Seeker of Knowledge, started to map The Crossroads, Mainyu followed him at first, encouraging the discovery of new things. He knew that as The Seeker plotted out the movements of the planets, the tides and the seasons, that there would be a period of half-known facts. Further,…More

Even Death

Bruce sat up out of his recently vacated corpse. Or rather, the portion of his corpse that was most Bruce-shaped. He was, to his mild consternation, completely nude. It didn’t seem profoundly important anymore, hence the mildness. He looked around. The world itself was fast disappearing into a vague white haze, the shapes around him…More


Once, there was a dragon. There are many kinds of dragons: Great dragons, terrible dragons, ancient dragons. But this was just a dragon. He slept on a pile of trinkets (as shiny objects feel warm to dragons, and make excellent beds) and was, if not precisely content with his lot in life, was happy to…More

The Duke’s Report

Duke Arthur Tennenbaum, of Bran Tessen, authored a report after an inspection of the Posterli Junta for the purpose of expanding the Juntas monopoly to Bran Tessen.  The Posterli Junta’s reputation as capable, resourceful, and determined is well earned. Their product is considered to be of the highest priority, and the sacrifice of individuals to…More

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